Thursday, April 9, 2009

to DR.SREE :)

(my tissue culture lecturer)

i wonder if you're going to read this.
by the way,
we saw you walking at Ivory Plaza today.
just got back from jogging ey?
gotcha~~ :)

*we= your beloved tissue culture students :P

p/s: entry ini sengaja ditulis for my lecturer-DR.SREE!~ *wink*


4 Colonies Tumbuh:

tehais said...

Laki pompuan?
Kem slm kalu ensem cam arjun rampal.haha ;P

Btw,gudluck final ;)

haniey said...

mestila laki..

gud luck final jugak!!

Sreeramanan said...

Cool !!!!

Dr Sree

haniey said...

tanks for visiting my blog :)

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