Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making Malaysia proud! making us proud too!!

assalamualaikum semua!!

mood arini = proud!! ^___^

oh by the way, have u guys read THE STAR newspaper today?
if not, please please please READ ya. just CLICK here.

From what u've just read from the article, yes! i'm sooooo proud of Tan Yifen. seriously! congrates labmate! ;)
She has won the international fellowship of the L’Oreal-Unesco Awards for Women in Science 2010. And she is the fourth Malaysia student to be granted this international fellowship. wow! memang Yifen the great lah! u really deserved it~

Eh! aku plak yang over kan. macam aku pulak je yang dapat fellowship tu. hehehe. tapi nak wat macam ne. bangga beb! labmate kot... tetiap ari jumpa. balik-balik muka yang sama je ada kat lab. 24/7 kat lab. aku takde la sampai tahap macam tu lagi. sooner or later, maybe kot. even aku baru je kat lab tu, tapi aku tau, semua orang dalam lab tu work hard nak siapkan project masing2. i know how they struggling with all the difficulties. stress wooo! all i can say is, i'm proud and respect to ALL of them. lastly, to cut it short, what makes me proud of Yifen --> we got the same supervisor, we worked in the same lab, we worked on the same bench, we used the same equipments, we shared almost everything in the lab. coz we are ONE family! The Lab 414 family~ now, i'm glad to say that, i'm really proud to be a part of Lab 414 family! ^__^ congrates again to Yifen and all the best to other lab 414 members!

Lab 414 family

p/s: can i be just like her? @_@

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kerolizwan said...

proud of her too.

ex-mate lab 414. hahaahahaah

dan dan kan :)

GhOsToNe said...


haniey said...

dan dan :)
tapi takpe since u r ex-lab414 jugak


akhis said...

~boleh hani..^_^

haniey said...

insyaallah =)

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