Monday, May 10, 2010

i love you mom!

 this is a short entry.

especially to my mom - Pn.Rosminah Shuib
and all the mommies in this world.

mom, i love you so much!
so so so damn much!
thanks for always being my best girlfriend, my best supporter, my everything.
and the most important thing,
thanks for being my mother!
i would never imagine what would happen to me if you are not by my side.
without you, i'm nothing. i'm hopeless.
there's no perfect word how to describe you.
all i know is...
i love you mom, seriously!!!

p/s: i might not be your best daughter you always dreaming of, i might be a burden to you, i might hurt your feelings, but whatever it is, just remember, you are the greatest mom i ever had and please forgive all my mistakes...

3 Colonies Tumbuh:

GhOsToNe said...

slmat hari ibu!

-FaRaH- said...

tsk.. miss my mummy n my great aunties! happy mother's day! u guys r wonderful~~~~

haniey said...

slamat hari ibu juga~

yup...we do have great aunties kan?
i'm proud of that..
love our mommies!!

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