Saturday, January 22, 2011

and the saga continues...

seperti yang telah dijangka... issue KARA still tak settle lagi... masih panas! panas! panas! kat korea sana. kalau kat Malaysia ni, cerita2 macam ni dah boleh masuk rancangan Melodi segmen panas/kontroversi kot... hehehe.. sebab dah banyak sangat artikel pasal KARA ni, so, aku malas dah nak elaborate panjang2. just nak bagi highlight je...

1) parents of Nicole, Jiyoung and Seungyeon (the remaining 3) reveal kenapa diorang nak terminate kontrak. 
-Regarding members Park Gyuri and Goo Hara, who both are not taking part in the lawsuit, the parents revealed that Gyuri’s parents were “walking a different path from the other girls since three months ago,”  as Gyuri’s parents failed to show up at a parental meeting held last November.
-"What we’re sure is that the three members will not be able to repair their relationship with DSP.”

2) KARA’s Seungyeon’s father believes all five should remain together
-"Whether they stay together or leave, I don’t think it’s right to promote as separate groups. Whatever the case, I believe that they should remain together.

3) KARA’s Seungyeon to withdraw contract termination request?
-“There’s a possibility of one of the three members that filed for contract terminations returning, so we are trying not to let go of the hope. 

4) DSP Media menyangkal dakwaan daripada Landmark
- since banyak sangat issue yang dibangkitkan, maka, sila baca sendiri... so far, what I can say is, DSP seems a good guy. they got my side for now...

5) KARA’s Hara and Gyuri: “Our team cannot break up.”
-“Hara and Gyuri both contacted the other members and told them that the team could/should not break up. [If we do], we’ll all fail together. I believe they’re trying to convince the other members by stressing the importance of staying as a group.”

6) Landmark reveals official statement on the stance of the three KARA members
-“Stop trying to divide the members.”
-“DSP Media’s “second official statement” on January 20th is meaningless. We have more evidence than they think.”
- LOL. I think they are the one who's trying to divide the members. 
- Sorry Landmark, u guys have just failed!

7) DSP Media responds to accusations regarding members sleeping in saunas
- It’s really frustrating to read about us making the members sleep at saunas. The members said that they wanted to sleep there, but the manager tried to stop them because there were too many people. We understand that they underwent continuous filming. They’re making people think that the members are wandering from sauna to sauna without a dorm to stay in. In comparison to other groups, KARA is treated comfortably, and are even driven around in two exclusive vans.”

8) Seungyeon the 'protector'
- Fans : “Seungyeon will look after KARA, just as she’s done all these years,” and “I believe in Seungyeon.”
- Seungyeon : “KARA must be 5.”
- OK, i'm glad that Seungyeon are still supporting KARA. but, I wonder, how Gyuri feels about this. Well, Gyuri is the leader kan. tapi, nampak macam orang lain tak harapkan dia. nampak macam Gyuri takde kredibiliti sebagai leader. dalam kata lain, Gyuleader ni tak boleh harap. i feel really sorry about her. dalam artikel2 sebelum ni pon, masa awal2 issue ni naik, only Gyuri sorang je yang tak tahu menahu apa2 pasal ni. kenapa la dia sorang je selalu left out? haish... pity leader... i will support her no matter what.... go Gyuleader!

9) Producers of KARA’s songs plead to fans
-“They’re foolish friends who are scared of bad reports, but they’re also intelligent friends who believe that KARA can’t be if they’re all separated. Please give KARA strength so they can be together. The distortions that are hurting both the company and the members are disdainful.”
-"Knowing that they are the most beautiful when they’re five, I will always support KARA as five members."
-"Please don’t hurt these five kind children by refraining from speculating and keep hoping and believing that they can all come together to sing sweet melodies once again.”

10) KARA’s Nicole finds herself in a sticky situation
-“Because of this controversy, Nicole is bearing the brunt of the hate. Even if all five choose to remain together, it will be difficult for Nicole to further lead a normal career. There’s even ridiculous talks of Nicole being the ‘recall’.
-Although they’re trying their absolute best in keeping the original members, if worse comes to worst, Nicole will be taken out of the group and a new member will be added to continue their promotions.”
- KARA isn't KARA without the original five members.
- Gyuri + Seungyeon + Nicole + Hara + Jiyoung = KARA

11) Landmark says issues lie with DSP Media; KARA members want to continue as a group
-We want the full support of a management company that will allow KARA to express their full potential. The very foundation of an entertainment management company is trust and professionalism. The kind of relationship the members want with their company is one of trust and cooperation. We’ve reported many times that the company lacks both elements.
-This controversy is a problem between the members and their agency, not one between each other. There is no discord between the members, but DSP Media continues to contact each of the members in an effort to divide them. We genuinely hope that they will act with character for the members.

12) Core Contents CEO wants the Kara members gone?
he wants SeungyeonNicole and Jiyoung out of the industry… permanently.
- "I believe that if the three members left the group to join another management company, then they should not be allowed to come back to music industry in the future."
- "The members must have gone through a tough time, there is no doubt; but I still hope that they would first go back to the company and then solve the problem.”
- I dont know what this guy are talking about. what can i say is, he shouldnt get involve with this matter. Back off dude!!

13) KARA’s Nicole’s mother reveals her thoughts and addresses rumors
- She’s been targeted as the ringleader of the controversy, and even badmouthed DSP Media.
- Haish... tak tahu la nak cakap apa. Based on the comments yang aku baca, diorang cakap mak si Nicole ni yang pandai2 bawak mulut and start all this issues. tapi, sejauh mana kebenarannya, aku pon tak tahu. mungkin mak dia sayang sangat kat Nicole ni. well, mom always want to give the best for their daughters kan. tapi, i wonder if this is really what Nicole's want. but, for me, i personally think that, her mother is now ruining her own daughter's image and career. poor Nicole. dia pulak yang jadi mangsa semua ni. i dont want her to leave KARA. she's also one of my most favourite member. hopefully, her mother can decide what's the best for her daughter. be strong Nicole!

ok, cukup la story untuk hari ni. banyak kot story pasal KARA ni. memang tak habes2 lagi... penat betol. kalau buat drama, dah sampai episode ke 180 kot. huhu... tapi takpe, selagi 'drama' ni tak selesai, selagi tu aku nak follow update diorang. a lot more to be, kalau sapa2 nak tahu kesudahan telenovela ni, stay tune k! hahaha... 

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

shocking news!

oh my gosh!!! this is so freaking shocked! dangggg~

baru semalam je aku post entry pasal KARA, how i really like them, and today, just exactly the next day after yesterday, i found out something that really broke my heart...

takde angin, takde ribut, tetiba je 4 out of 5 members of KARA (excluding Gyuri), diorang cakap nak keluar daripada company diorang sekarang. at first i was like..what the...??? this is just so unexpected! well, lately KARA agak famous both in Korea and Japan. in fact, sekarang ni pon diorang tengah shooting untuk drama terbaru diorang URAKARA. baru first episode kot... and suddenly, 4 of them cakap nak terminate the contract. terkejut giler ah! and one thing yang buat aku lagi shocked sebab si Leader Park Gyuri tidak tahu menahu langsung pasal geng-geng dia nak terminate kontrak tu.. lagi sekali rasa macam, what the...?? she's the leader ok.. how come dia tak tahu semua ni? tak tahu la kan kalo dia buat2 tak tahu or memang  all the members tak nak bagitau dia. but i really pity for her. it's now 4 vs 1. what a total defeat! bila reporter tanya, she seems clueless. she was left alone in the dark. but whatever it is, i know, she's strong. she's a goddess anyway.

tak lama lepas tu, naik plak article pasal DSP (company diorang) nak tuntuk hak atas nama KARA tu... bla.. bla.. bla... macam2 isu yang diorang cite.. pastu TV reports pulak buat kenyataan di sebalik semua ni... mostly sebab parents yang masuk campur. diorang tak puas hati sebab anak2 diorang tak dapat bayaran yang setimpal dan kena kerja macam slave. tu yang mula jadi isu. only mak gyuri je yang tak terlibat dalam hal ni. i really respect on her saying, I could not betray DSP, who worked their hardest in creating who KARA is now.  I have no problems with the contracts, and I trust DSP." good job gyuri's mom!! *high-five*

at first i was afraid of gyuri's feelings since she's the only one left with the company. but luckily, Hara (one of the members), cancels the contract termination and will stay in DSP. together with Gyuri. i'm so happy for that. it's now 3 vs 2. i hope the other 3 will cancel their contract termination also... hm, before this, aku tak minat sangat Hara ni. she's at the 4th ranking kot. huhu. but right now, she's my second biased in KARA. thank you so much Hara for staying with Gyuleader and not left her alone.. :')

kalau nak diikutkan, memang semalam KARA is on trending. tak sampai 10 minit, ada je artikel baru pasal KARA. they are like the hottest issues in Kpop World. komen2 netizens jangan cakap la... dah beribu-ribu kot. memang hotstuff! ni ada lagi 1 artikel pasal DSP responds pulak kat TV Report yang keluarkan kenyataan macam2. yang ni pulak the second counter-attack from their lawyers. antara sebab-sebab yang diorang tak puas hati, bayaran yang tak setimpal. KARA adalah sangat famous kat Japan, tapi bayaran yang diorang dapat sangat ciput. dah la kena fly back and forth to Japan every few days. kena kerja dah macam hamba. and macam-macam lagi la yang diorang tak puas hati. kena baca sendiri artikel tu. based on apa yang lawyer tu cakap la. kebenarannya tak tau la pulak kan...

menurut daripada apa yang aku baca, diorang kata semua ni involved dengan parents diorang. dan boleh jadi bebudak KARA tu tak tau pon apa yang terjadi. so, no wonder la gyuri tak tau apa2 pasal ni... kesian dia... and just today, Nicole's mom, tweet her stand on the agency issues. dia cakap yang dia buat semua ni sebab kesian kat anak dia, bersusah payah bekerja siang malam, tapi apa yang dia dapat sangat tak berbaloi. entah la... bukan aku tak suka mak Nicole ni ke ape, tapi, kenapa baru sekarang nak bangkitkan isu ni? dah lumrah la kot bila dah famous. banyak la tawaran. dah itu apa yang fans nak. and dengar cite, ada satu 'mysterious agency' ni, dah offer macam2 kat mak-mak bebudak KARA ni. diorang janji nak bagi layanan and gaji yang lebih baik. so, no wonder la kalo mak-mak ni nak melawan company anak diorang sekarang ni. tapi, diorang perlu ingat, sebelum diorang jadi famous, sapa yang berusaha nak naikkan nama KARA tu? sama la macam mak Gyuri cakap tadi. kalo takde yang lama, tak de la yang baru... betol tak? ok, agak emosional di sini.

so, sebab dah macam2 isu yang jadi kat KARA sekarang, maka segala aktiviti2 yang involve dengan KARA terpaksa di cancel buat sementara waktu. sepatutnya malam ni diorang ada Seoul Music Award, tapi tak boleh la nak pergi. and as we know, Leader Gyuri, she's a DJ at SSTP radio. so, buat masa sekarang, aktiviti DJ dia pon kena stop. "Gyuri was put in a state of shock after receiving notice of the contract terminations, and expressed that she could not take part in the live recording for her radio show". auwwww.... poor Gyuri... :( and luckily, their URAKARA drama will air as scheduled.... :)

one thing yang buat aku respect dengan KARA, even sekarang diorang agak berpecah, tapi hubungan diorang still baik lagi. Representatives reveals there is no discord between the members“Because of the differences in opinions, there most likely was something they were all uncomfortable with, but there definitely isn’t any discord.  When they were working, they came together stronger than anyone else.” Yeah, that's my KARA... :)

not a long time ago, the company, DSP release their second official statement and mentioning about Kamilia (term for KARA fans). lepas baca statement diorang tu, agak rasa tersentuh jugak la.. and diorang apologize to the fans. something yang agak susah dilakukan oleh company lain. tak tahu la kalau diorang saje nak bagi image diorang nampak baik ke ape, tapi terharu la.... huhu... "About five years have passed since KARA first began promoting themselves and met with their fanclub, Kamilia. We will be working our hardest in order to make sure that the absolute support and love that Kamilias share with KARA, through all the joys and hardships, do not go waste. We request that you extend your love and support once more to the five members of KARA, who are undergoing more difficulties through this ordeal than anyone else." apa yang bagusnya, walaupon ada lagi 3 members yang tak puas ati dengan DSP, but still, DSP suruh support all five members of KARA. rasanya DSP sayang KARA, and tak mungkin disband group ni. tapi, susah la kalau ada orang luar masuk campur and parents involved dalam hal ni. and one of their composer yang buat lagu2 hit KARA cakap, "I believe that KARA isn’t KARA without five members. If it’s not with all five, I refuse to work with anything regarding KARAI hope that today ends as a bad dream for something bigger and better, and I hope that we can dream of rising up once more, just like yesterday.” wow!!! well said mr.composer!!! i like you!! hahaha...

haishhh.. dalam masa 2 hari ni, boleh bayangkan tak berapa banyak artikel yang dah keluar kat ni? and semuanya pasal KARA! believe me, it will not end here. a lot more to come after this. so, for now, i'll just wait for the next article to come out. hopefully, they all will reunite back together. sama macam mr.composer tu cakap, KARA isn't KARA without five members. i believe in them. stay strong KARA and Kamilia!!!

KARA jjang!!!!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i feel so LESBIAN!

peringatan : entry ni tidak berfaedah. sesiapa yang tak suka membuang masa membaca entry2 mengarut, sila tekan butang 'X' di atas tab ini ye....

eleleleh... macam la before ni aku ada buat entry berfaedah kan. semua pun mengarut je... hahaha... erm, untuk entry kali ni, aku nak update pasal kpop artist. sorry, cannot help. i'm just into kpop nowadays. blame them! haha.. walaupon seperti biasa aku agak ketinggalan dengan kpop ni, but i'm trying my best to update. about my latest kpop obsession... semenjak 2 menjak 3 menjak ni, i'm addicted to kpop girl group pulak. before this memang tak pandang la girl group. nak layan pon semua kpop male group je. super junior, shinee, 2pm... biasa la, nak cuci mata kan... hehehe.. but lately, i'm so into this one kpop girl group. anybody has ever heard about 'the butt dance'? that's right bebeh, they are KARA!! ^_^

i know, this group is not as popular as SNSD/Girl's Generation, BEG, T-Ara, 2NE1, etc. but i just love them!  they got beauty looks, hottie sexy body and amazing voice. OMG, now i feel so lesbian! hahaha... memang statement controversy sungguh! don't take it seriously k. ;) *giggles*

ok2, proceed. erm, ape ek nak citer tadi? lupa sudah.... ha! camne aku boleh 'ter'minat kara ni? at first aku just suka dengar lagu 'Mister' yang ada butt dance tu. tapi suka-suka camtu jela. by the way, korang pon tau kan, how obsessed i am towards eunhyuk kan? hihihi. so, one day, aku pon 'you-tube'ing nama eunhyuk. then ada la keluar result, something like eunhyuk and park gyuri couple...? what the...? siapa gyuri ni??? *jealous fangirl* later i found out that she is the leader of this KARA group. ouh..... daripada video2 yang aku layan tu, rasa macam both of them look good together. auw.... (although it just a rumour among the fans) so, i approved this couple! HYUKRI FTW! *tetiba je*

so, my most favourite member of course la cik Park Gyuri ni!!! She's the leader and also known as the Goddess. she has always been my favourite since then, because of my Eunhyukkie! ^_^ beautiful huh? tapi dalam KARA, makcik ni paling underrated. maybe sebab orang lain tak suka dengan attitude beliau yang agak arrogant dan perasan cantik (tapi dia memang cantik pon! grrr) selalu konfiden lebih. bajet macam dia la yang paling best ala-ala "princess-syndrome" gitu la... kalo orang lain tengok memang menyampah la kot kan. sebab tu dia kurang famous among male idols. walaupon perangai dia macam ni, tapi sebenarnya dia sangat kelakar. boleh jadi 'gagwoman' dalam group KARA ni. rasanya personality "goddess" yang dia bawak tu just untuk entertain orang lain walaupon memang sesuai dengan dia.. contoh kalo ada orang nak 'attack' dia dengan soalan-soalan yang boleh mengkantoikan dia, biasanya pasal "goddess image" dia tu, yet dia still boleh jawab dengan cool dan confident, and she would never failed to make people laugh with her witty answer. LOL.

macam dalam satu variety show ni, MC tanya dia, apa perasaan dia bila dalam 8 orang male idol yang ada kat situ, takde sorang pon yang pilih dia sebagai best female idol. dengan cool nya dia jawab, "In the republic of Korea, I'm not the type of girl that gets hurt just because 8 guys from Korea don't like me." LOL. pastu MC tu tanya lagi, dalam banyak2 male idol kat sini (kat variety show tu), ada tak sapa2 yang dia minat. dengan penuh konfiden dan bergayanya, dia pon jawab, "I don't like guys that don't like me.." woahhhhh!!! how cool was that???? respect betol dengan jawapan dia tu.. tabik spring toing2! sangat coooooool~ itu baru sikit. actually banyak lagi jawapan witty yang dia bagi. memang epic ah! rasanya kat setiap variety show ada je orang nak argue pasal goddess concept yang dia bawak tu. but as usual la kan, this goddess is so witty with her answer. and that's what i really like about her. always stay confident! go GYULEADER!!! *fangirl mode* (<--gambar gyuri yang cantik even without makeup. goddess natural beauty)

so, semenjak 2 menjak, 3 menjak terminat kat park gyuri ni, banyak la masa dihabeskan dengan menonton video2 KARA. totally interested in them! mula la nak mendownload MV la, variety shows la, itu la, ini la. asalkan ada KARA. sama jugak macam mula2 suka kat Eunhyuk. sebok nak mendownload sume video yang ada eunhyuk kekekeke. so, kalo aku dah jarang mengupdate blog tu, korang paham2 la ye aku sebok buat apa. hahaha. macam sekarang ni, KARA dah mula berlakon dalam drama plak. woahhh, how excited i am!! makin banyak la aku nak mendownload... hihihi... okla, cukup la aku sembang kuat pasal park gyuri and KARA ni. aku tau, ada yang minat, ada yang tak minat. so, sapa2 yang tak minat tu, cuba2 la tanamkan minat. seriously, all 5 of them are super gorgeous!! lagu-lagu diorang pon best2... tak tipu! these are my favourite songs from KARA: 'Mister', 'Lupin', 'Jumping', 'Wanna', 'Tasty Love', 'Same Heart', 'Honey'.. ini baru sikit... banyak lagi sebenarnya kalo nak senaraikan betol2. huhu... i LOVE everything about KARA! yeah~

enough about KARA. korang pon mesti dah menyampah tengok aku bebel pasal KARA dari tadi kan. yela, bila aku ada idea nak membebel pasal apa, korang tak suka pulak. kang aku mogok tak nak update blog, ada plak yang cakap aku malas nak update la, suka biar blog bersawang la. (padahal diri sendiri yang cakap camtu) huh. kecik ati ar camni. nak merajok... :( eh eh eh. tak jadi la nak merajok. sebab hari ni happy! lalalalalala~

good bye everyone!!!!! ^___^

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

anybody home...??


lama giler tak hapdet blog ni kan....
ni nak buat blog ke tak nak???
ke memang saje2 nak buat jadi blog terbiar....???
wahhh... keji2...
actually bukan tak nak update.....
tapi mood untuk mengupdate tu takde...
skang ni mood nak layan movie plak...
so, dah tak pandang la blog buruk ni...
kesian dia....haishhh~
aku memang bersimpati kat blog ni... tapi nak wat camne kan....
takpelah, aku cuba la update mane2 yang sempat...
dalam sebulan tu, koman2 pon aku akan cuba update 2-3 entry...
eden toraiiiii k.... =)
dah2... jangan nak sedey2 buat drama cerekarama kat blog ni....
aku dah janji nak update kan?? yeayyyy!!! *happy-happy*

okla, mood malas tu dah datang balik. nak pergi layan youtube plak.
kekekeke... jumpa lagi kawan-kawan!!!!!
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