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and the saga continues...

seperti yang telah dijangka... issue KARA still tak settle lagi... masih panas! panas! panas! kat korea sana. kalau kat Malaysia ni, cerita2 macam ni dah boleh masuk rancangan Melodi segmen panas/kontroversi kot... hehehe.. sebab dah banyak sangat artikel pasal KARA ni, so, aku malas dah nak elaborate panjang2. just nak bagi highlight je...

1) parents of Nicole, Jiyoung and Seungyeon (the remaining 3) reveal kenapa diorang nak terminate kontrak. 
-Regarding members Park Gyuri and Goo Hara, who both are not taking part in the lawsuit, the parents revealed that Gyuri’s parents were “walking a different path from the other girls since three months ago,”  as Gyuri’s parents failed to show up at a parental meeting held last November.
-"What we’re sure is that the three members will not be able to repair their relationship with DSP.”

2) KARA’s Seungyeon’s father believes all five should remain together
-"Whether they stay together or leave, I don’t think it’s right to promote as separate groups. Whatever the case, I believe that they should remain together.

3) KARA’s Seungyeon to withdraw contract termination request?
-“There’s a possibility of one of the three members that filed for contract terminations returning, so we are trying not to let go of the hope. 

4) DSP Media menyangkal dakwaan daripada Landmark
- since banyak sangat issue yang dibangkitkan, maka, sila baca sendiri... so far, what I can say is, DSP seems a good guy. they got my side for now...

5) KARA’s Hara and Gyuri: “Our team cannot break up.”
-“Hara and Gyuri both contacted the other members and told them that the team could/should not break up. [If we do], we’ll all fail together. I believe they’re trying to convince the other members by stressing the importance of staying as a group.”

6) Landmark reveals official statement on the stance of the three KARA members
-“Stop trying to divide the members.”
-“DSP Media’s “second official statement” on January 20th is meaningless. We have more evidence than they think.”
- LOL. I think they are the one who's trying to divide the members. 
- Sorry Landmark, u guys have just failed!

7) DSP Media responds to accusations regarding members sleeping in saunas
- It’s really frustrating to read about us making the members sleep at saunas. The members said that they wanted to sleep there, but the manager tried to stop them because there were too many people. We understand that they underwent continuous filming. They’re making people think that the members are wandering from sauna to sauna without a dorm to stay in. In comparison to other groups, KARA is treated comfortably, and are even driven around in two exclusive vans.”

8) Seungyeon the 'protector'
- Fans : “Seungyeon will look after KARA, just as she’s done all these years,” and “I believe in Seungyeon.”
- Seungyeon : “KARA must be 5.”
- OK, i'm glad that Seungyeon are still supporting KARA. but, I wonder, how Gyuri feels about this. Well, Gyuri is the leader kan. tapi, nampak macam orang lain tak harapkan dia. nampak macam Gyuri takde kredibiliti sebagai leader. dalam kata lain, Gyuleader ni tak boleh harap. i feel really sorry about her. dalam artikel2 sebelum ni pon, masa awal2 issue ni naik, only Gyuri sorang je yang tak tahu menahu apa2 pasal ni. kenapa la dia sorang je selalu left out? haish... pity leader... i will support her no matter what.... go Gyuleader!

9) Producers of KARA’s songs plead to fans
-“They’re foolish friends who are scared of bad reports, but they’re also intelligent friends who believe that KARA can’t be if they’re all separated. Please give KARA strength so they can be together. The distortions that are hurting both the company and the members are disdainful.”
-"Knowing that they are the most beautiful when they’re five, I will always support KARA as five members."
-"Please don’t hurt these five kind children by refraining from speculating and keep hoping and believing that they can all come together to sing sweet melodies once again.”

10) KARA’s Nicole finds herself in a sticky situation
-“Because of this controversy, Nicole is bearing the brunt of the hate. Even if all five choose to remain together, it will be difficult for Nicole to further lead a normal career. There’s even ridiculous talks of Nicole being the ‘recall’.
-Although they’re trying their absolute best in keeping the original members, if worse comes to worst, Nicole will be taken out of the group and a new member will be added to continue their promotions.”
- KARA isn't KARA without the original five members.
- Gyuri + Seungyeon + Nicole + Hara + Jiyoung = KARA

11) Landmark says issues lie with DSP Media; KARA members want to continue as a group
-We want the full support of a management company that will allow KARA to express their full potential. The very foundation of an entertainment management company is trust and professionalism. The kind of relationship the members want with their company is one of trust and cooperation. We’ve reported many times that the company lacks both elements.
-This controversy is a problem between the members and their agency, not one between each other. There is no discord between the members, but DSP Media continues to contact each of the members in an effort to divide them. We genuinely hope that they will act with character for the members.

12) Core Contents CEO wants the Kara members gone?
he wants SeungyeonNicole and Jiyoung out of the industry… permanently.
- "I believe that if the three members left the group to join another management company, then they should not be allowed to come back to music industry in the future."
- "The members must have gone through a tough time, there is no doubt; but I still hope that they would first go back to the company and then solve the problem.”
- I dont know what this guy are talking about. what can i say is, he shouldnt get involve with this matter. Back off dude!!

13) KARA’s Nicole’s mother reveals her thoughts and addresses rumors
- She’s been targeted as the ringleader of the controversy, and even badmouthed DSP Media.
- Haish... tak tahu la nak cakap apa. Based on the comments yang aku baca, diorang cakap mak si Nicole ni yang pandai2 bawak mulut and start all this issues. tapi, sejauh mana kebenarannya, aku pon tak tahu. mungkin mak dia sayang sangat kat Nicole ni. well, mom always want to give the best for their daughters kan. tapi, i wonder if this is really what Nicole's want. but, for me, i personally think that, her mother is now ruining her own daughter's image and career. poor Nicole. dia pulak yang jadi mangsa semua ni. i dont want her to leave KARA. she's also one of my most favourite member. hopefully, her mother can decide what's the best for her daughter. be strong Nicole!

ok, cukup la story untuk hari ni. banyak kot story pasal KARA ni. memang tak habes2 lagi... penat betol. kalau buat drama, dah sampai episode ke 180 kot. huhu... tapi takpe, selagi 'drama' ni tak selesai, selagi tu aku nak follow update diorang. a lot more to be, kalau sapa2 nak tahu kesudahan telenovela ni, stay tune k! hahaha... 

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